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Best Treatment for Shin Splints

Shin splints are a common condition that frequently occurs in relation to exercising. Also known as medial tibia stress syndrome, or MTSS, shin splints produce pain and sometimes swelling in the lower part of one's leg, generally between the ankle and knee.

One of the most common reasons why people develop shin splints is excessive force or weight on the shinbone. This can occur by over exercising, for example in athletes who are training. However, even more prone to developing shin splints, are those who are overweight or obese. Many adults find it extremely difficult to lose weight by them and therefore experience chronic pain from reoccurring shin splints. By attending an weight loss camp for adults, those who suffer from shin splints can solve the issue permanently by melting off the pounds.

Part of being at an adult weight loss camp is regular exercise. Although this may seem counterintuitive for those who suffer from leg pain, stretching and low impact exercises can take off the pounds while one's shin splints heal. Some of the low impact exercises that participants can take part in while at a fitness retreat include stationary cycling, swimming and elliptical training. Weight training is also a component of the daily program at an adult weight loss camp. Building and strengthening one's muscles will help to prevent injuries and pain in the future.

As the participant of a fitness retreat, not only is exercising a crucial component, but diet as well. Together, these are the two fundamental elements that will produce the desired change in one's weight. Occasionally, experiencing weight related problems, such as shin splints from being overweight, could help be the catalyst toward enacting change. This may help someone realize that they need to seek additional help and support and join a fitness retreat.

In general, losing weight and then maintaining a healthy body mass index will prevent shin splints from occurring again in the future. Certain people may simply be more prone to developing shin splints. In which case, limiting the amount of time one spends doing high impact exercising can help reduce the frequency or intensity of the shin splints. Running can be a common culprit for causing shin splints, as it is a high impact sport. For those who are diehard runners, try running on softer surfaces besides cement, such as grass. Not only does this protect the shins, it gives one's muscles an extra workout.

This article was written by Wayne Larsen; the lead Fitness Instructor and Partner at One Fitness Camp. Wayne’s credentials includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Utah in Exercise and Sports Science. He is a certified specialist in Strength and Conditioning. You can find him on

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